• Developing an idea, a message by using images and writing to combine aesthetics and meaning."Bonne Graine" knows how to fulfill the requirements of form and content that today's videos require especially on the Internet. The idea of "Bonne Graine" germinated in the mind of Julien Bachellerie after 15 years of journalism.Based on its experience in the largest national broadcasters (France 2, France 3, France 5, TF1, M6, France 24, ...), he wanted to create his company to operate audiovisual communication and share his expertise. Supported by recognized professionals within the broadcasting world and with experts in…

Julien Bachellerie

Journalist/Director/Bonne-Graine Founder

Julien Bachellerie begins his journalistic career, within the local antena of « Europe 2 » radio in Clermont-Ferrand (France), then in the local bureau of LCI (Tv news channel) and finally in the editorial staff of the regional daily newspaper « La Montagne » in Clermont-Ferrand.

In 2002, he is awarded a diploma by the school of journalism of Toulouse with a specialization in television. 
He joins the newsroom of France 2. There, he officiates within the economic news but also for the morning news (Télématin) as well as in the regionals bureau of France Télévision group (France 2 and France 3).

Field journalist, he participates in the making of the broadcast news of the public channels.
His passion for sciences brings him to join the editorial staff of the TV show « Le Magazine de la Santé » (Health magazine) on France 5 during 2 years. 
He develops then documentaries writing for France 5, while pursuing the making of TV reports for TF1, M6 « E=M6 », « 100 % mag », France 5 « C’est notre affaire » (It is our business) , « Silence ! ça pousse » ( Silence ! that grows) , France 24 « Lifestyles », « Sciences / Health / environment ».

Passionate about filmaking, Julien Bachellerie trained his skills besides journalism, in camera handling and in editing. He develops a mastering of the technical tools, while knowing how to manage the various phases of realization of TV reports. (Writing, producing, shooting, interviewing, editing)

In 2012, Julien Bachellerie decides to join the Basque Country where he has family ties.

Cécile Cabanac


Native of the Basque Country, Cécile Cabanac earned her first stripes in journalism inside the southwest of France daily newspaper « Sud-Ouest ». 
After a Master's degree in contemporary history at Bordeaux’s Montaigne University she then integrated the prestigious Lille’s School of Journalism.

There she specializes in TV journalism. 
Awarded by a diploma in the 75th class, she joins, in 2001, TF1 in Paris as a vidéo reporter (JRI).
Deftly wielding the camera, she made numerous television news stories for TF1 (first french TV channel) and LCI (french news channnel).

As journalist and director, Cécile next joins the « Magasine de la santé » (health magazine) on France 5.
She will also be a co-host for the « Magasine de la santé » and for « Les Maternelles » (Nursery school) on France 5.

In parallel she direct society documentaries for France 5 and numerous episodes of the famous French criminal cases documentary series « Faites entrer l’accusé » (Enter the défendant) on France 2.

Passionate since her Young age by creation, art, music, fashion and filming of course, Cécile takes advantage of her robust experience contibuting in « Bonne-Graine » in a region dear to her heart.

  • Reports

    You want a journalistic treatment to introduce an innovation or to relate an event?We can make a film that takes the form of a story, with our experience in this area in local and national media.    

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    You want to make a presentation film for your customers ‘B to B', a video on the occasion of a convention or for a greeting ceremony?We can be partners and define your event with the best editorial…

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    You want to develop a product, expertise, customer experience?We can help you define your film, write a script, directing and post-production services.We will help you to win new customers.

  • Marketing

    You want to use audiovisual tools for your business or your community?We support you in your video communication strategy.Donne-Graine puts a particular emphasis on targeted and effective use of social medias contents.

  • You have a project?Go on and contact us!We offer a wide range of our expertise in audiovisual and communication.Both technically and advisory.


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